Climate Partnership

Since 2011, the administrations of the two cities have been involved in a development partnership for climate and resource protection. Experts from both city administrations consult on issues of climate protection and adaptation, sustainable urban development and wastewater management. Numerous projects have already been implemented jointly, e.g. the renaturation of a wetland, promotion of sustainable tourism in Durban and numerous environmental education projects. The establishment of the Inanda Wilderness Park, modelled on the Bremen Children’s Wilderness, and the education of young people as Ocean Champs in the field of marine environmental education are particularly worth mentioning. Starting in 2020, Bremen and Durban will jointly implement a project on environmental education, sustainable management of green spaces and food gardening in the township of Kwa Mashu in Durban.

Since 2008 the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has been a cooperation partner of the Partnerschaft Bremen – Durban e.V.
Silke Goethe, Development Cooperation Officer, Senate Chancellery, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Inananda Wilderness Park

The Inananda Wilderness Park in Durban is a joint project of eThekwini Municipality, the private girls’ boarding school Inanda Seminary and the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (sustainability partnerships).
The project found its approach in the Bremen children’s wilderness and created a nature experience space in the middle of the metropolis. Through a playful approach, the children and young people discover nature and learn about its interrelationships. In this way, topics such as climate change and climate protection are vividly conveyed and lead to a sensitization of the individual.
In addition to the education of the individual, it is just as important to involve the community, which is why the park and its educational offer is available to people of all ages. In the meantime, the Inanda Wilderness Park has developed into a large nature playground with a diverse range of environmental education programs.

Ocean Champs

Ocean Champs is an initiative launched by the climate partnership of the two twin cities. The project “Bremen-Durban. Network for Marine Environmental Education”, wants to contribute to the protection of the sea, to the reduction of pollution and thus to climate protection in the eThekwini community.
Adolescents and young adults receive an 18-month training in marine environmental education in Durban. In addition to knowledge about the marine and coastal habitat, climate change and pollution problems, the participants* learn to strengthen their social and leadership skills.
The aim is to make young people in Durban aware of the importance of the oceans for climate change. Take an active role as Ocean Champs in the field of marine environmental protection and create awareness of the importance of the oceans in the community.