Blaumeier Atelier

The Bremen Blaumeier-Atelier, which has existed as an inclusive art project since 1986, visited Durban in 2011 with its theatre group “Die süßen Frauen”. In a joint walk act play with Durbaners, with and without handicap, a street theatre performance was staged on site. The Blaumeier actors* were thrilled by the abundance of traditional songs and dances of the Zulu culture. In return, the Durbaners found the special kind of integrative work and the stylistic device of street theatre a relatively new and enriching experience. So after the visit of the Durbaners, 2013 in Bremen, the idea of founding an inclusive theatre group according to the Blaumeier model in Durban came true, to give people with disabilities an artistic perspective and to contribute to a social change.
Accompanied by reciprocal research visits, both theatre groups are working on a joint play for the anniversary year 2021, which will be shown in both cities.