Capacity Building

General and potential for the future

Capacity building in the broadest sense means building new structures and competencies by sharing knowledge, providing and transferring resources and tools. This can be applied both to individuals and to institutions and networks.
In the association Partnership Bremen-Durban, capacity building has been applied in the field of sport for a long time.
The Bremer Sportgarten and Durban Green Corridor are now working on extending capacity building to areas outside sport, such as environment, logistics, tourism and health. The aim is to create a common platform for Bremen and Durban stakeholders and to connect and promote this network of institutions, public facilities and companies for the qualification of young talents.
In the sense of a young leader ship programme, young people are to learn qualifications to take on responsibility and shape the future together.
After all, it is always a matter of learning from each other, accepting the skills of the other and developing them further. For this purpose, capacity building is a tool for consciously implementing this process.